Northern Kentucky University wayfinding

This is a demonstration of a Northern Kentucky University wayfinding project. We designed it for the university's College of Education and human services.

This project was completed in association with HCI.

The customer wanted several other features besides staff and faculty wayfinding.

This project features:
- home screen with local time and date.
- wayfinding for staff and faculty.
- bios for staff and faculty.
- campus-wide building finder with picture of building and departments in the building.
- aerial view of path to desired building from current building.
- photo gallery with pinch, zoom, move, pin and close. See video for a better understanding of this feature.
- screensaver with photo gallery after inactivity.

The wayfinding functionality includes maps to the office in the particular building the display is located in. Staff members located in a secondary building are also listed and the map provides a visual path from current building to desired office building. Please see attached screenshot for this particular situation.

The staff and building directories are both easily updated through spreadsheets on the client computer file system.

We will soon add Google spreadsheet functionality. This will result into extremely easy updates to the directories from a web browser anywhere in the world. It will also remove the need for the somewhat inconvenient need to remote into the client computer or having to use services like Dropbox.

Besides the above functionality, these other features are available:
- video playing.
- twitter feeds.
- events.
- web browser.
- hot folder gallery updates. That is, customer is able to update a gallery by simply dropping new images into a hot folder.

We'd love the opportunity to serve you and the visitors to your premises. Please get in touch with us.

Below are some screenshots of the Northern Kentucky University wayfinding project.