Wayfinding Memphis

For wayfinding Memphis area solutions, you came to the right place. Below you will find an introduction to wayfinding the digital interactive way.

What is wayfinding? It is knowing you current location in a park or a building, for example. Knowing where you want to go. Then finally finding your way there.

Wayfinding has been around for a long time. Digital wayfinding is still somewhat new.

It’s the age of advanced technology. But we still walk into an establishment to find information areas similar to bulletin boards. Often there is missing and outdated information.

Let’s imagine this scenario:
– The location is busy, popular shopping mall.
– The information area (desk or kiosk) is crowded or overwhelmed. Or the printed directory is very busy and confusing with no filtering ability.
– Same mall but with an interactive digital wayfinding system at each entrance. Here shoppers can dynamically and quickly perform a filter search. They find their desired destination within seconds. In the search box they start typing s-h-o and all stores selling shoes appear. They touch the desired store name and get directions.
– Go a step further: add ability to scan a QR code on their mobile devices and take the directions with them. Or have the ability to access web versions of the map and directory on their mobile devices.

That’s digital wayfinding. And it is here. Now. Interactive indoor or outdoor digital wayfinding.

Here are some examples of wayfinding implementations:
– Digital wayfinding is making it easy for new students in universities find their way around campus. Orientation becomes much easier. Students now can find a building on campus using their GPS-enabled smart phones.
– Amusement park printed maps are still being used. But the smart phone app provides interactivity and fast results.
– An office building with scores or hundreds of tenants. Visitors find the right person or office in seconds.
The image below is from an actual project we completed for Murray State University. For privacy concerns we replaced the actual names with random ones.

wayfinding memphis
Poorly designed wayfinding systems result in higher costs and unhappy visitors. Sometimes a visitor has to bounce from staff member to staff member to find their destination. But what they want is a fast way to find the desired information/destination.

Furthermore, if your establishment is difficult to navigate, the visitors may not return.

Our digital wayfinding solutions will help you give your visitors a positive and even fun experience.

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